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Planet X3

Copyright: © 2018 David Murray
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: RC1 Beta
Filesize: 300 KB
Genre(s): RPG
Rating: Planet X3has a 4.4 star rating (125 Votes)
Last Played: 3 minutes ago in Germany.

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Planet X3 is a real-time strategy game. Humans on a deep-space mission to prepare Planet X3 for colonization, discover that an alien race called the Protoids has also landed on this planet and attempting to colonize it for their use. Help from Earth is at least 13 years away, so the humans will have to do the best they can with the resources available on the planet. Your job is to find useable resources such as minerals and methane gas. You'll also need to build solar panels for energy. Next you'll need to start fortifying your base to protect it from attack, and then start exploring the map to locate the enemy bases. You have many different types of tools and weapons at your disposal. There's no one right way to win the game.

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Download Planet X3  Download Planet X3 .zip file (300 KB)

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